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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Death of a snail

Early this morning, I did a cursory check for slugs and snails in the front yard on my way back from retrieving the newspapers. I found a rather large snail who had been munching on my prized alyssum, and with no regard for life, I tossed him (or her?) into the street.

After my 10-year-old daughter woke up, I made the mistake of mentioning the incident.

See below the funeral in the middle of the street we held for the snail (which had been subsequently crushed by a car tire) as well as my daughter's message for me in her expression about killing animals.

Boy, do I love that kid.


she said...

last year i did a cartwheel in my backyard and ACCIDENTALLY killed a snail when my palm crash-landed on the grass... but you...

you murderer!

she said...

p.s. great daughter/great photos!