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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Quote from my 13-year-old:

but dad, you've negated the whole point of a blog by using proper english!

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she said...

re: irma slage. great read! and "i believe!"

re: your 13 year old daughter:

now look away here jim ott... this is for her eyes only:

hi sweetie! i can see your parents are doing a great job because you are obviously a very bright young woman, with spirit and wit

i recommend patience here. old habits die hard, and liberty can be uneasy at first..

save these first few blogs. -he's just getting his feet wet, as they say... (as they used to say anyway, i'm 40 now.. you'll have to tell me what they're saying these days) anyway... and then take a look at the blogs he writes in say... about 6 months or so...

happy wednesday! ~s.k.